モチベーション革命 次の世代の生き方! 大学生はこれを読まないと詰むよ?








I finished reading a book before the triad holidays started.
Motivation revolution.

We have often been ridiculed as 'clear space generation' from the above generation, and it has been seen as worthless.
Certainly we are motivated to work a bit slower than the above generation.

But there are good reasons for it, and in the future era, the clear generation will demonstrate great power.
This is a detailed written book about that.

People of the upper generation lived with motivation to support Japan from nothing after the war.
On the other hand, we, born in a rich society, live with motivation to immerse and find meaning.
The strength we have is to use the Internet to disseminate our likes to the world and to update the values seen by people who sympathize with it.
To put it clearly, it is time to connect with many people on my own favorite and it will become your work.
If I give you an example among existing ones, it is YouTuber. AirBnB is also the work which added new meaning to the existing industry.

In Japanese society, the things necessary to live are basically aligned, and as work gets more and more efficient by the appearance of AI, the new work born in such a world is not necessarily a matter of life. It is a work that creates new meanings to enrich our life as much as possible.

So what should I do to make a new meaning? If you say, I will answer that "you will devote yourself to things you like very much, and let 's share it over the Internet !" 
From now on, how much we can face ourselves and shape our own perspective will be the most important.

If you want to know more, please buy a book and read it !



モチベーション革命 稼ぐために働きたくない世代の解体書 (NewsPicks Book)