The training that new recruits gather for the first time in one year is over.

It was fun to talk with friends after a long absence, but I was seriously surprised.

There were people who were mental illness because their work and living environment did not match.

And she desperately wanted to think that "Because other people are a harsher work environment than me, it is not good if I let out a complaints".

I thought that was a very dangerous situation. I wanted to help anyway.

Despite being able to quit the company at any time,
It seemed she can't quit as a result of the idea of "I was helped to my boss out", "Anxiety after quitting", "It is too weak to quit on such a thing", and so on.

A company is an organization that consists of a group that walks on the same commute every day, works at the same desk, works with the same members, that have continued everyday for decades.

It restricts person's thinking way like a chain that stucks people to the company.

If she can thinks like "It's OK to bother people sometimes", "I can manage myself after quitting the company" and "There is an orientation unsuitable for people" , the life is gonna go easier.

I hope to make it a society that everyone can think of being able to live in freedom.

Because they are really nice people, I want to be their strength. Since I am going to consult, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.



1年ぶりに同期と顔を合わせて、本気で驚きました。 ①仕事や生活環境が合わなくて、精神疾患になっている人がいました。 そしてその人は必死に、「周りは私より過酷なんだから、私が音を上げちゃダメだ」 って、思い込もうとしている様でした。


とても危険な状態だと思いました。手助けしたいなって思いました。 会社はいつでも辞めれるのに、 「上司にお世話になったから」「辞めた後が不安」「こんな事で辞めるなんて弱すぎる」 色んな考えで雁字搦めになって、逃げられない様でした。

会社とは、毎日同じ道を通勤し、同じデスクで働き、同じメンバーと働く、 そんな毎日を数十年も続けてきた集団から構成される組織です。


もしその人が、 「迷惑居かけても良いんだ」「辞めたってどうにかなる」「弱さも強さも人それぞれ」 って思えたら、もっと楽になるのかなぁ。



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